Welcome Parents!

Dear Parents,

Your child has an exciting year of math coming up in my classroom! Things will be a little different in your student’s math class than you may be used to. We will be implementing a teaching model known widely around the world as the “flipped classroom.” What is a “flipped classroom”?

In short, a “flipped classroom” switches around the traditional order of teaching with the purpose of creating a more in depth and supportive environment in the classroom when the teacher is present and able to help students. It allows for students to receive a more individualized math education where my actual face-to-face time with them is being used much more effectively . This results in them understanding the content at a higher and deeper level than before. In addition, it challenges students to learn how to take charge of their learning and manage their time, becoming resourceful learners. Lastly, it provides time for more “Higher-Order Thinking” discussion and questioning during class time, helping students to become reflective communicators and to think more deeply about the subject.

Some of the more common questions students and parents have are answered on the “Flipped Classroom FAQ’s” page on this menu.

Of course if you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me. The doors to my classroom are always open for visits and I welcome discussions.

Looking forward to a greeat school year!

Dr. Tozzo

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