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What do I do if I know my Juno answers is right, but it won’t accept it?

Unfortunately, Dr. Tozzo is not a perfect man. This can be verified by speaking to his wife if you are having trouble believing this. The Pros definitely outweight the cons of Juno, but one of the cons is that if I make a typo when creating questions, it can be very frustrating for kids because they think their answer is right, and don’t understand why it’s not accepting it. So here’s my advice. . . give your self no more than a few minutes of struggling with a question and then go on. There are two possible scenarios here:

1. It’s a typo – If it’s a typo, I will fix it and give everyone credit.

2. You are wrong – If you struggle with the question for a few minutes, you need to come to after school help anyway.

Did I ever tell you that I had a psychic girl friend once? unfortunately, she broke up with me before we met.


Dr. T.