Class Introduction


Hi Class!

Welcome to Algebra 2! Here is a checklist of all the things you need to get/do before we get started learning math.

1. You’ll need the below things for this class – so off to staples you go:

  • A Journal – College Ruled Composition Notebook Only. I will only collect and grade these.  Composition Notebook
  • TI 84 Graphing Calculator








2. You’ll need to join my messaging system, Remind. Here’s how:Remind Set Up

Step 1

Course 2 – Algebra 2B – text @tozzoa2bc2 to the number 81010
Course 3 – Algebra 2R – text @tozzoa2rc3 to the number 81010
Course 6 – Algebra 2R – text @tozzoa2rc6 to the number 81010
Course 7 – Algebra 2B – text @tozzoa2bc7to the number 81010
Course 8 – Algebra 2R – text @tozzoa2rc8 to the number 81010

Step 2
You will get a verification text back asking for your first and last name. Use capitals and enter carefully.

3. You’ll need access to the class calendar

Step 1
Click on the below links that corresponds to your class

Algebra 2B Course 2                         Algebra 2R Course 8

Algebra 2B Course 7                        Algebra 2R Course 6

Algebra 2R Course 3 

Step 2
When the calendar opens up in your browser either:
A. Send a link to your home screen on your phone. (Share  > Add to Home Screen)
B. Bookmark the page on your computer.

4. Check the class calendar for your homework tonight!!

5. Complete my “Getting to Know You” form.

That’s all for now kids!

Dr. T.


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