Americans Grade Math as the Most Valuable School Subject

PRINCETON, NJ — Math is the clear winner when Americans are asked to say which school subject has been most valuable to them in their lives, followed by language arts — English, literature, or reading — and science. Math and English were also the top two subjects when Gallup first asked this question in 2002.


SAT vs. ACT – What Princeton Review Has to Say

Colleges will accept either the SAT or ACT. So which should you take?

It’s all about the numbers. Some students end up scoring substantially higher on the SAT; others do better on the ACT. In lieu of a crystal ball, we created The Princeton Review Assessment (PRA) designed to help you determine which test is better fit with your abilities.

To help you zero in on the right exam, here are seven key differences:

ACT questions tend to be more straightforward.
ACT questions are often easier to understand on a first read. On the SAT, you may need to spend time figuring out what you’re being asked before you can start solving the problem. For example, here are sample questions from the SAT essay and the ACT writing test (their name for the essay):

SAT: What is your view of the claim that something unsuccessful can still have some value?

ACT: In your view, should high schools become more tolerant of cheating?

The SAT has a stronger emphasis on vocabulary.
If you’re an ardent wordsmith, you’ll love the SAT. If words aren’t your thing, you may do better on the ACT.

The ACT has a Science section, while the SAT does not.
You don’t need to know anything about amoebas or chemical reactions for the ACT Science section. It is meant to test your reading and reasoning skills based upon a given set of facts. But if you’re a true science-phobe, the SAT might be a better fit.

The ACT tests more advanced math concepts.
In addition to basic arithmetic, algebra I and II, and geometry, the ACT tests your knowledge of trigonometry, too. That said, the ACT Math section is not necessarily harder, since many students find the questions to be more straightforward than those on the SAT.

The ACT Writing Test is optional on test day, but required by many schools.
The 25-minute SAT essay is required and is factored into your writing score. The 30-minute ACT writing test is optional. If you choose to take it, it is not included in your composite score — schools will see it listed separately. Many colleges require the writing section of the ACT, so be sure to check with the schools where you are applying before opting out.

The SAT is broken up into more sections.
On the ACT, you tackle each content area (English, Math, Reading and Science) in one big chunk, with the optional writing test at the end. On the SAT, the content areas (Critical Reading, Math and Writing) are broken up into 10 sections, with the required essay at the beginning. You do a little math, a little writing, a little critical reading, a little more math, etc. When choosing between the SAT and ACT, ask yourself if moving back and forth between content areas confuse you or keep you energized?

The ACT is more of a “big picture” exam.
College admissions officers care about how you did on each section of the SAT. On the ACT, they’re most concerned with your composite score. So if you’re weak in one content area but strong in others, you could still end up with a very good ACT score and thus make a strong impression with the admissions committee.


What do I do if I know my Juno answers is right, but it won’t accept it?

Unfortunately, Dr. Tozzo is not a perfect man. This can be verified by speaking to his wife if you are having trouble believing this. The Pros definitely outweight the cons of Juno, but one of the cons is that if I make a typo when creating questions, it can be very frustrating for kids because they think their answer is right, and don’t understand why it’s not accepting it. So here’s my advice. . . give your self no more than a few minutes of struggling with a question and then go on. There are two possible scenarios here:

1. It’s a typo – If it’s a typo, I will fix it and give everyone credit.

2. You are wrong – If you struggle with the question for a few minutes, you need to come to after school help anyway.

Did I ever tell you that I had a psychic girl friend once? unfortunately, she broke up with me before we met.


Dr. T.

Welcome Back Kids!!

Welcome back to school everyone. We all hate it when summer comes to a close, but I think about Halloween and the leaves changing and I get psyched for that and the holiday season right afterward.

Ok, so you found the site. The first thing you can do is familiarize yourself with the calendar. I post all assignments and what we are going to do in class on the calendar. I also record almost all of our classes on the SmartBoard and post the recording on my Youtube channel. So take a minute and poke around there as well.

As far as what you need for class, I post a list with links for Amazon to buy them if you don;t already have them.

Lastly, and most importantly, make sure you take a look at the “Math Aid” page. On this page I post sites, extra help times and other things you can use when you are having trouble.

I’m looking forward to a great year!

Dr. T.